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& Feng Shui Design

Expert Color Consultation

Whether you are exploring paint, finishes, furniture, or flooring, why not ask an expert? Color is a powerful tool for creating a desired look, feel, and response to your home or office setting. Color is often the one element to change a room from "okay" to stunning. 

It can also be very challenging for some. I can save you time, money and frustration - and maybe even save a relationship! 

Paint, color, remodel

What's happening NOW

Whew! I recently moved from San Diego to Boulder, CO. It's quite a culture (weather) shock. As I get back into the color / Feng Shui groove, I will be updating my adventures, delights and challenges. This Year of the Dragon has a lot in store for us. 

If you're curious, here's what we may encounter this year, depending on when you were born.

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